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guzzardo 8/5/2011
2011 Buick Enclave CXL 2 Cyl 0.3L - Preventive Maintenance
my floor mat knob locks are broken how do i replace it
under the rug there is a plastic disk that connects with a piece on top of the rug. the top piece broke off and the disk underneath dropped down how do i get under the rug to connect a new lock. location is passenger side 2nd row
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  • Bill
    Bill 8/5/2011
    I'm not sure if you want to know because it sure sounds like a warranty problem to me.
    Bill 8/5/2011
    If your rear view mirror fell off don't you think dealer should repair. This sounds like a similar issue.
    guzzardo 8/5/2011
    thanks bill. i was going to send it in anyway. i just wanted to find out on the step by step if i ever really needed to do it.

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