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rramanan 12/29/2012

2001 Volkswagen Passat GLX 4 Motion 6 Cyl 2.80L

Preventive Maintenance

What needs to be fixed immediately?

My technician gave me the following assessment report :
* Found engine mount ruptured/leaking
* Found serpentine belt damaged/cracked
* Found left outer CV joint boot torn
* Found engine oil leak
I have limited budget. What should I fix immediately?

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Bill 12/29/2012

Belt and you could try some oil stop leak supplement


Bill 12/31/2012

Actually I believe it wouldn't put gasket makers out of business, kind of like how RTV gasket maker has. I think I can agree to disagree. :)

Reaper Automotive

Reaper Automotive 12/30/2012

Replace the belt first. As long as you can keep the oil level full, the next fix should be the CV boot. dirt and debris will ruin the axle. Don't use stop leak for the oil, they don't work. Stop leaks can cause more damage internally. If stop leaks worked, gasket makers would be out of business (just some food for thought). Fix it the correct way. The engine mount will be ok to repair last.


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