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Bill Van Alstyne
Bill ... 4/6/2011
1990 Pontiac 6000 LE 6 Cyl 3.1L - Body & Interior
Where can I find a replacement headlight for this vehicle. The glass lens on the old headlight has a small hole in it .
The vehicle can not pass the state safety inspection because of the problem with the lens.
2 Answers
  • Bill
    Bill 4/6/2011
    Go to your local wrecking yard for a used one because a new one unless buying 2 will look weird next to the old one.
  • Spoon Sports
    Spoon Sports 4/6/2011
    You know what chief, find a brand new one is like finding a diamond in the rough, so may i suggest your local pick and pull yard

    or check this webby out for an online scrapyard

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