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Camero67 4/15/2010

2005 Nissan Altima S 4 Cyl 2.5L



My car stalls and stops at times. I was told I need initian coils, new fuel pump tune up eventhough I just had a tune up 1 month ago. This is the third time I had this car at this shop. I have paid over 1,600. for repairs. Motor mounts, both tire rods, & tune up. Help

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Bobby 4/15/2010

wow that is a lot of work, did you ask for the old parts after the repairs? The car shouldn't need all of those to get it running properly most of the time there will be one or two things causing the problem, ask him what test he performed to know you need a new ignition coil and new fuel pump. If you just had a tune-up a month ago what was replaced? spark plugs? check your reciept and see what was replaced and list it here. It doesn't sound like he is being very upfront with you. Also why did it need new tie rods and motor mounts? the tie rods i can possible see on a 5 year old vehicle, but new motor mounts seems like a stretch, unless something happened to the vehicle? like accident at some point. use the find a shop option on the above tabs, if his shop is there make sure you write a review.


chico 4/16/2010

I agree you seem to have gotten taken. He is making money off you. I would take it back and tell him to fix it properly or you will report him. I take it he is a state certified mechanic. If he is you can call the Attorney General and report the problem. There is no reason for this to go on. The longer you let him get money out of you the longer he will do cruddy work. Put a stop to it. Your car would have had to have been in a collision in order to need motor mounts and I have a car that is 15 years old and the tie rods are still fine with over 135 thousand miles on it


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