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Nathan.com 7/30/2010

1992 Chevrolet Lumina APV Base 6 Cyl 3.1L


Where can I find the fuel pump and fuel filter?

The van is turning over and then dieing. Pressing the accelerator only delays the engine cutting out. I have had the van for a couple of months and I am still learning where everything is. thanks.

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Bobby 7/30/2010

the fuel pump is in the fuel tank. the fuel filter will be on the frame rail under the vehicle.


Blackwater 7/30/2010

So if you release the accelerator it dies? (Idling?) it may or may not only be the fuel pump, there are lots of factors.

first the filter is located about 6in in front of rear driver side wheel about 8in. in when you buy your filter you will notice that one side is threaded and the other has a clip lick lock remove the clip on the old one then unscrew it now replace it with the new one

Here are the instructions on how to remove it...most fuel pumps are removed this way.

1. Raise the vehicle with the floor jack and support it on the jack stands. Drain the fuel tank if it is over half full, to prevent fuel spillage. This could be done with a siphon in the filler neck. Loosen the clamps on the top and bottom of the fuel filler hose and remove the hose.

2. Loosen the clamp at the fuel tank on the vent tube that parallels the filler hose. Pull the tube off. Unplug the electrical connector for the fuel pump and fuel level sender, at the station directly on the backside of the fuel tank.

3. Place the floor jack under the fuel tank and make sure it is between the two support straps. Remove the two bolts in the support straps, using a socket. Lower the fuel tank enough to reach the top of the fuel pump plate and remove all the fuel lines.

4. Lower the tank carefully and pull it from under the vehicle. Remove the lock ring by tapping the lock ring tabs counterclockwise to unlock it, using a hammer and screwdriver. Lift the fuel pump out of the fuel tank.

5. Look at the position of the fuel filter, then twist it off the fuel pump. Unplug the electrical connectors from the top of the fuel pump. Lift the bottom of the pump up and out of the bracket, then with a twisting motion, pull it out of the top outlet hose.

6. Install the new fuel pump by inserting the outlet on the top of the pump into the outlet hose. Hold up on the bottom of the fuel pump and move it over the bracket. Position it properly in the bracket by observing the shape of the bottom of the pump versus the bottom of the bracket.

7. Install the fuel filter in the same direction as when removed. Make sure it does not interfere with the fuel level sending unit arm. Plug in the fuel pump electrical wires on the top of the pump.

8. Install the fuel pump into the tank, taking care not to bend or damage the fuel level sender arm in any way. Also make sure the pump is turned the proper way with the fuel line fitting facing the rear of the tank.

9. Install the lock ring and tap it clockwise to lock the tabs in place. Raise the fuel tank enough to connect the electrical connector and the fuel lines. Continue to raise the tank into position. Install the two straps and tighten the bolts with a socket. Install the filler and vent hose, and tighten the clamps.


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