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John 6/21/2011

2002 Mercedes Benz CLK430 Base 8 Cyl 4.3L

Body & Interior

Where might I find the control panel for the ac/heater unit (panel) located in the center of the dash?

The car has 52,340 miles and Mercedes has indicated the part is a "special procurement" item. My dealer has not been able to locate one in the US or Germany. In addition, after calling MBUSA they do not have an idea as to when or if the part will be available. The part number is: 140-830-26-85.

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Jimm 6/21/2011

Try these on-line parts sources; http://www.programainc.com/.../...-1408302685.html. Or, www.europartsshop.com, or www.autopartsfair.com. For used parts, try the www.findapartnow.com on-line resuorce.


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