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kd5wef ... 4/29/2010

2004 Chevrolet Tahoe LT 8 Cyl 5.30L


I feel a vibration throught the steering wheel when A/C is off, and then when A/C is turned on it is much worse,

When the vehicle is stopped and at a idle I feel a vibration through the steering wheel, and when I turn the A/C on, and still at idle the vibration is much worse, but when I take off I do not feel the vibration, I can only feel it when the vehicle is stopped, and at idle, both in park, and just stopped at a red light.

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Tifosi 10/17/2010

Try getting your IACV adjusted, the ideal RPM is 700-800. The IACV is located on the intake manifold near tyhe throttle body and you can use a flathead to adjust the screw on the unit.


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