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Mike 12/7/2012

1997 GMC K1500 Sierra SLE 8 Cyl 5.7L


Why do i feel and hear a popping sound when i apply the brakes?

It doesn't do it every time but when i step on the brake peddle while the vehicle is moving i can feel and hear it make a fast pop pop pop pop pop sound until the vehicle comes to a complete stop. Is it possible there is air in the system? I just purchased the truck used and he told me that the wheel cylinders had been replaced so i thought maybe the air was not properly removed from the system after the repair was made.

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Jimm 12/8/2012

Most likely, the sound is due to worn suspension or shock / strut bushings. With the brake applied, the truck weight (center of gravity) will shift slightly - to load the suspension and bushings. The sound may also be related to; worn / loose caliper or brake mounting bolts / hardware, or worn wheel bearings (front or rear). Can the sound be localized; coming from the front or rear - from the left or right sides?


Mike 12/8/2012

The sound is coming from the vibration of the brake peddle. It almost feels as if the ABS is kicking in but i am on dry pavement at low speeds with almost new tires. I know its not loosing traction.

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