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Eric 5/31/2016

2000 BMW 328Ci Base 6 Cyl 2.80L

Preventive Maintenance

Is it my fan clutch or something else?

So the other day when I started my car I noticed that it sounded abnormally loud. It sounded like a vacuum was turned on inside the car. At first I thought nothing of it. But day by day the sound continued until one day I decided to check what was going on. I did some research, and found that other BMW owners had the same problem. I looked under the hood and checked to see if my radiator fan was working, but when I tried to move the fan manually (engine off) the fan did not move at all (AT ALL, NOTHING). So I drove around for a while to warm up the engine and checked to see whether it would move when the engine on and hot, but again nothing (100% resistance, fan did not move an inch). It is not my water pump because I replaced it about a year ago, and my car does not overheat. However, a couple months ago I did a complete cooling system overhaul, which requires removing the fan. The car has been perfectly fine since then, so what could it be?

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