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Tally 10/9/2013

2011 Honda Accord EX 4 Cyl 2.40L


I need expert help to fixing my flooded 2011 Honda Accord

I need expert help to fixing my flooded 2011 Honda Accord in deep salt water. The 4 cylinder motor is turning by wrench. The problem is the very sophisticated Electrical in this car which makes me thinking of buying from the salvage yard much earlier year (Say year 2000) complete wire harness up to the under the hood fuse box and connected .Can someone advice me if that is possible.

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HouseCallAuto 10/9/2013

Not possible to use a wiring harness for an Honda from 2000. I need data to help you. You need this car on a scanner that can read fault codes and sensor data. You cannot fix it any other way. At least detail the problem with the car and make it as explicit as possible, all details, symptoms and detail what happened to car, how high the water etc.


Tally 10/11/2013

Thank you. The salt water was up to the mirror. To put it back to the original then I must spend thousands of dollars replacing everything inside the car. But if it is to use earlier model complete wire harness including all equipments behind the dashboard as Radio, blower, etc. up to under the hood fuse box. If that is possible then I can get the car running costing me few hundred dollars in parts.

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