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jd 6/2/2012

2011 Buick Lucerne CX 6 Cyl 3.9L


exhaust smell,sulfer -after car has been driven and warmed up

car has 6000 miles on it sulfur exhaust smell dealer said it was cheap gas i have 3 other cars with same gas and no sulfur exhaust smell from them

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Jimm 6/2/2012

Try the dealer suggestion - switch fuel for a tank or two. Then, return to the dealership with the results. If the sulfur odor is still there, make sure the delaership acknowledges the problem. The vehicle is still under warranty, so the dealership can check and repair at no charge.


anthony 1/5/2013

can i ask what dealership you go to all gm dealers in my area demand $100 fee just to look at my 2011 regal and we purchased a extended warranty that lasts 7 years or 100k mileage after the dealer warranty and still they demand $100 just to look at my vehicle?

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