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jenndoss 5/1/2010

1995 Mercury Villager LS 6 Cyl 3.00L


Engine won't stay started.

My engine cranks but won't turn over. A mechanic from my church came over and said my fuel pump wasn't running. He hit the pump and it started for a little while before dying again. He told me that my tank is dirty and keeps clogging the fuel pump. Also could be a loose wire, or the fuel pump. There is no fuel getting to the tank and no fuel in the fuel filter. Any suggestions? I can't even get it to run long enough to get it to a shop. Thank you!!

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Ray 5/1/2010

If the pump is indeed defeective, the only answer is its replacement. Ten years has been typically what I have seen for the life of a pump. You might try replacing the filter; that might buy you time. Also, if the pump is indeed defective, it would be a goood time to replace it, the filter and the relay. Nowadays, if a part is defective, you cannot bypass much to get it working. They are too interdependent. Ray


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