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tim 3/8/2021

2013 Ford Escape SE 4 Cyl 1.60L


engine trouble when filling up with gas

After filling up with gasoline the car has a hard time starting, I did a test while the car was running, as soon as you start pumping gas the engine starts to bough down and eventually dye. PLEASE HELP. this is not the first time it has happened.

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Teddy B

Teddy B 3/8/2021

Have a Repair Shop Diagnose the issues.

Simply can not guess or diagnose over the internet,
without looking at Vehicle Data & or Testing some Components.

To guess I would start with the Evap System possibly having a failed
Solenoid but that may not have anything do with starting & not starting
during or after Filled the Gas Tank may be totally unrelated,your just discribing
a Symptom that may not actually point to a starting point for testing.

I would be inclined to look at Vehicle Data,pull a couple spark plugs,look at
O2 Sensor & Fuel Trim & Evap System Function as mentioned & gather
some history about your vehicle & what has been done & possibly never
been done in the way of Maintenance.

That is a very small engine,you have a timing belt,turbo & all sorts of things that
simply just don't last long or work well for many years,so the possible reasons
for your concern could be multiple problems.


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