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judy 7/10/2011

1999 Volkswagen Beetle GLS 4 Cyl 2.0L


The engine stalls in the middle of driving

After all the engines lites go off I start the engine and then the oil light comes back on and goes off (oil levels are fine), then the engine dies after a half mile or so. I can resart the car after a few minutes and drive on. I have new fuel pump and crank shaft postion sensor. Did not solve problem. could this be the oil pressure sensing unit?

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Spoon Sports

Spoon Sports 7/11/2011

Get it scanned then post the code here.

The fuel system is composed of a fuel pump, fuel filters, and fuel injectors or a carburetor. Some cars have a throttle body this looks similar to a carburetor and has only one or two fuel injectors in the middle of it. The injectors feed all of the cylinders. In a multi-port system, each cylinder has its own injector. Should the fuel pump go bad, the car will stall while you are driving, as no fuel is getting pumped up to the engine. Bad injectors in a multi-port system will make the car run rough, which can cause a stalling situation, but generally, the car will restart.

The ignition system is composed of: ignition switch, neutral safety switch, security bypass, plugs, wires (if applicable) and a coil, or in the case of coil-over systems, many coils. The ignition is also tied into the computer. The crank and cam sensors tell the engine where top dead center is. Though these sensors do not usually cause a no start, if they break, the computer will go into "limp home mode," which allows you to get the car to a service station. The car will run badly, and may stall out on you.

If the plug wires, plugs or coils are bad and are causing the engine to misfire, the engine will run rough. This may also cause the car to stall when driving. Generally, it will start back up, but it may be difficult to keep the car running.


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