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shade tree
shade tree 3/25/2010
2003 Hyundai Sonata GLS 6 Cyl 2.7L - Engine
Engine stall upon refueling
When I add fuel to the tank, I have trouble starting engine . When it does start , I have to pat the pedal to a high rpm and drop in gear for it to move. This lasts for 30-60 seconds and then all is normal till next fueling ,then same problem again.?????
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  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 3/25/2010
    You have a greater than 90% probability that the caniister purge solenoid is no good. You are temporarily flooding the engine because this solenoid would normally be closed and unaffected with the refueling event but the solenoid is stuck open and when you refuel and start it up, the raw fuel floods the engine immediately after it is drawn through the failed solenoid. Then after the add'l fuel has been burned (holding pedal down with terrible running and smell) it clears up. Here are add'l details should you want to DIY>>

    Tests/Procedures: 1. Locate the purge solenoid on the back of the engine compartment between the intake and firewall and check if it is stuck open. If it is stuck open, unplug the purge solenoid and verify that it is not turned on electrically.

    2. If the purge solenoid is stuck open, verify that there is no charcoal in it, sticking it open. If there is charcoal in the solenoid, replace the canister with it and clean the evaporative lines.
    Potential Causes: Charcoal Canister
    Purge Solenoid


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