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Bob stout

Bob stout 10/30/2017

1999 GMC Sierra 1500 SLE 8 Cyl 5.30L


Engine squeal or squelch coming from under the hood

Engine squeals like a tensioner pulley or belt squealing but I took all belts off and it still does it anytime you step on the gas taking off or gaining speed the whole time until you take your foot out of it. It's very loud and it doesn't do it at idle or when there's no pulling on the motor. According to the guy I bought it from it has been doing it for a while and he told me it was a tensioner pulley making the noise, it's definitely not that. I can't seem to locate the noise cuz it Looms from everywhere around the motor. Possibly the loudest is from the left driver side. It goes from a squeak squeak squeak noise to a continuous squeal the more you step on the gas pedal. I'd had the check engine light come on twice but wasn't able to find out why. Oil pressure gauge shows about 20 to 22 lb at idle and does go higher with RPM increase. I can't seem to find anybody that can tell me what it can be.

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HouseCallAuto 10/30/2017

I have to ask again, even though you said the words "all belts off" Just for the record, you removed the main drive belt and you removed the SEPARATE small AC compressor belt and then you drove the truck (or ran it) with the belts not connected and you still heard this noise you detailed?


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