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Mike 10/9/2010
1985 Suzuki SJ410 Base 4 Cyl 1.6L - Engine
Engine smokes heavily after starting and quits after engine is warmed up. No loss of Power evident.
Actual engine is a 1.0 liter 4 cyclinder. Engine did not smoke prior to having a complete new head installed .
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    MOONSTER_TOOLZ 10/28/2010
    During engine warm up, you notice a heavy smoke coming your exhaust pipe and then gone after a few minutes. This is possibly due to damage valve stem oil seal. When the engine is cold the opening in the valve stem oil seal allows the oil from the head to seep into the base of the valve; during engine warm up the valve will open and the oil will go to the combustion chamber and burns along with the fuel-air mixture. The burned oil will produce heavy smoke in your tail pipe. After the engine warmed up the oil seal will expand therefore the engine oil will be sealed off the combustion chamber. Have a professional check on this, and replace the seal if necessary.
  • david
    david 10/28/2010
    yes valve seal or valve cover gunked up where oil can no return back to bottom of engine

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