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Bill 4/2/2010

2001 Mercedes Benz ML320 Base 6 Cyl 3.2L


Engine shuts down after cold start mode goes off; runs rough, won't restart until cool down.

Check engine light on intermittenly 2-3 weeks. Experienced slight stumble when accelerating from standstill, maybe twice. Now, after going about 5 miles, engine would not accelerate enough to maintain more than 20 MPH. Finally stopped in my driveway, with heavy shaking. Now, after becoming fully cooled down, starts quickly but low idle rpm. Will not accelerate past idle. After normal warm up mode ends, engine stops, usually won't re-start until it cools fully down and repeats. Replaced Mass Air sensor...no change.

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darkmind 8/31/2010

It is possible that your fuel pump and/or fuel pump relay is defective. Did you diagnose your check engine light to know what trouble code it indicates? From that trouble code you can track the right direction in fixing your car.


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