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aburd 4/26/2010

1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Base 6 Cyl 3.1L


Engine runs hot but doesn't overheat.

Engine temp gauge reads almost into red area, fan may come on but not long enough to bring temp back to normal. Temp never gets into red area. Temp drops when engine is off for a few minutes. In Dec. in Neb, gauge needle stayed at top peg, but in April now needle will drop a bit off the high peg. It is like warmer weather makes it work better. No leak, doesn't need coolant.

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HouseCallAuto 4/26/2010

Check for a build up in the restrictor, at the quick disconnect, screwed into the intake manifold near the throttle body assembly. If the restrictor is clean, remove the hoses from the heater core assembly. Using a flushing tee or splice, bypass the heater core. Drive the vehicle if the gauge now remains in the "normal" range. Replace the heater core assembly.


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