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Doug 3/17/2010
1995 BMW 325i Base 6 Cyl 2.5L - Engine
Engine Randomly Overheating
Engine Over heated when I was at a stop and engine idling.
Trried heater and only got cold air out.

This is a rucurring issue. I have checked engine oil - OK no water
I have replaced thermostat.

Expansion tank exploded recently and replaced with new.
I have flushed radiator. Opened cooling pump and replaced with new. When inspecting old pump and saw nothing glarringly wrong. Looked good, roated same as new pump. Only thing different was the size of the impeller vanes. The new one had slightly larger vanes (width)
When over heating viscous fan was turning.

What else is there?
2 Answers
  • Doug
    Doug 3/17/2010
    Ok I have changed out the water pump and it still overheated. Also not getting any hot air from the heater.
  • Chris2000
    Chris2000 3/19/2010
    Could possibly have an air pocket Doug. Is the exhaust blowing any white smoke? Possibly a head gasket if it is? Does that have an electric fan or a clutch fan? I imagine an electric. Is there one or two fans make sure both are kicking on. The electric fan should start before the car begins to everheat. If it doesn't possible the temperature sensor is malfunction and not sending the correct signal to the computer to turn on the fan.

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