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tlcpro 9/21/2010
1989 Chevrolet V1500 Suburban Silverado 4.Cyl1.8L - Engine
Engine Quits While Driving at any Speed
While driving, the engine just quits and will not restart. Dash lights are gone, blinkers too, but the headlights still work, as do the flashers.
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  • vince^_^
    vince^_^ 9/21/2010
    Did you already check the condition of your fuel pump, fuel pump relay and ignition switch? Is your check engine light on? Because if it is you can visit this link to have an idea how to extract the stored trouble code in your vehicle and you can also view there the common codes for vehicles made before 1995 and its descriptions.
    tlcpro 9/22/2010
    Yes, the check engine light comes on and doesn't blink. It is just steady.

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