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pearld ... 7/19/2010

1990 Daihatsu Rocky SE 4 Cyl 1.6L


what would cause the engine oil to leak out around oil filler cap

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Blackwater 7/19/2010

Well based on your question its "Around the fuel cap" so i believe the cap seal is the reason why you are leaking oil around that area, you have to replace the oil cap itself. The internal pressure from the engine when its running will cause it to leak in that area.

Lucky for you if this is indeed the solution because what happened to me years ago was i saw engine oil creeping from the cylinder head (the gap between the block), i had no choice but to replace the cylinder head gasket and do a TOP Overhaul since i will be removing the head anyway, kinda pricey.


HouseCallAuto 7/19/2010

Verify that the PCV valve and vacuum hose are working, no leak and replace the PCV valve anyway because it is like under $10. Also, there is an O-Ring that may be hard and shrunken at the oil cap. This could also cause it.


pearldiver60 7/21/2010

thanks, I will try the above as for the PCV valve, I have been told that there isn't one on the Rocky (?) Can;t find one listed in any parts sites

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