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Mando 8/25/2010
1994 Chrysler LHS Base 6 Cyl 3.5L - Engine
Why does the engine take long to start ?
Engine has 181,000 miles. It starts good in the morning. But, afterwards it takes a longer cranking time to start.
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  • darkmind
    darkmind 8/25/2010
    It is possible that your PCV valve or hose is clogged or faulty. Also check (and clean if possible) the condition of your EGR valve, fuel pump relay, carburetor or throttle body, spark plugs, and wires and valves.
    AutoMD Member 8/26/2010
    When you shut the engine off the fuel could be draining back to the tank , leaving the fuel lines unprimed . It will act like you just changed the fuel filter . What do you think darkmind ?

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