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octavio arciga
octavi ... 2/17/2012
2003 Jaguar X-Type Base 6 Cyl 3.0L - Steering & Suspension
my engine light and abs light is on.I changed the speed sensor because supposably that was what was wrong.
now they are saying that the reason they are on is because the axles in the front don't have an axle ring. Is this really the case?
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  • Spoon Sports
    Spoon Sports 2/18/2012
    Thats why you need to get it scanned before you replace whatever, i mean YES the most common reasons behind an ABS light is the ABS Speed sensor but it can also be other things.

    Axle ring? check engine lights are triggered by electronic devices and not mechanical ones.

    Get it scanned then post the codes.
    Spoon Sports
    octavio arciga 2/20/2012
    The codes are c1145 and c1155
  • Spoon Sports
    Spoon Sports 2/25/2012
    Diagnostic message C1145 (Speed Wheel Sensor RF Input Circuit Failure).

    The front sensors are easy to swap from left to right....
    The message may be from cut or damages wiring, so take a careful look at it when the wheel is off.
    If there is no obvious damage to the wiring, I would swap the sensors from left to right and see if the problem moves to the opposite side.
    the pulse generator ring on the front wheels is part of the front wheel bearing and you probably would need to replace the entire front knuckle - much easier than doing just the bearing and not so expensive. as long as you don't have any bearing play in the right front wheel then i would swap.they maybe be corroded or seized in thehole,then swapsensor from left and right and then link harness as well, if that 's not it then you need a r/f wheel bearing

    Spoon Sports
    octavio arciga 2/29/2012
    there is also the c1155 which is LF input circuit failure. So switching it probably wouldn't do anything. The reason this is so confusing for my mechanics is because its indicating failure on both sides.
  • Spoon Sports
    Spoon Sports 3/2/2012
    Well, if its indicating a fault on both sides, then replace both

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