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cwindler 4/14/2010

2001 GMC Sierra C3 Base 8 Cyl 6.0L


What would be the cause of my engine dying periodically and idling rough in the summers?

My truck has about 116,000 miles and for the last year or so it will periodically die when idling. It seems that it typically happens when the truck is at an idle and I turn the steering wheel, i.e. turning into a parking spot. It also idles rough or rather pulsates in the summer months and is worse when the AC is on particularly when the truck is first started.

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Nissan Technical Advisor

One/some of the following is/are the cause of your trouble.

Engine and battery earth connections - check connectors and adjust it tight

Fuel filter and fuel pump - replace fuel filter, and check fuel pump pressure

Air intake system for leaks - check for loose hoses connecting from intake manifold, attached evenly.

Fuses/fuel pump/system relays - re-insert all fuse, and connectors

Idle speed and CO content - idle speed sensor is worn

Coolant temperature sensor - maybe worn, replace it

Fuel injection system wiring and connections - check connections and re-insert them

ECU and connector - check and re-insert

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