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TLH 3/22/2011
1994 Honda Civic DX 4 Cyl 1.5L - Engine
engine dies when you release the key
Turn key to start, it starts, release key and it dies.
No power to electric windows unless key is turned.
3 Answers
  • Ray
    Ray 3/22/2011
    Sounds like the ignition switch is bad.

  • Pepe
    Pepe 3/31/2014
    You can easily find a diagram that shows you how to test and replace the ignition switch, there may be a loose connection also but most likely you switch is bad.

  • HouseCallAuto
    HouseCallAuto 3/31/2014
    1. Test the ignition switch by locating the Brown connector, in the driver's fuse box, just above the fuses. Locate the Black/Yellow (BLK/YEL) wire in the Brown connector. That wire should have battery voltage in the start and run position.

    2. If the BLK/YEL wire does not have battery voltage in the run position, jump the White (WHT) in the Brown connector to the BLK/YEL wire, and if the vehicle keeps running, the ignition switch has failed.

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