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Loren H.

Loren H. 1/28/2011

2000 Honda Accord LX 6 Cyl 3.00L


Why does my engine die immediately after turning over?

122K. This problem began a week after I had it in the shop (that I'd never used before) for my 120K routine service. I've owned the car one year and have never had a single issue. I went into the grocery store for 30 min., and when I returned to my car and started my engine, it turned over but immediately died. I attempted to start the car 3 more times with the same result. The next morning, I returned to my car and it started. I called my mechanic, and he said to bring it down anyway. He ended up replacing some air pump (sorry, I don't have the service record in front of me). It happened a week later when I was leaving the mall. Roadside came and was able to get the engine to stay running after noticing a leak in an exhaust hose. One week later (last night), this problem happened again, and I left it overnight. This morning, it started. Now my mechanic is saying that the "fuel pressure regulator kit" needs to be replaced, as it was noted in a Honda Service Bulletin. Please help!

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tnharpman 1/28/2011

Just because there is a Technical Service Bulletin on a particular problem does not mean that is whats' wrong with your car. As in every repair, accurate diagnosis is EVERYTHING! Your "mechanic" needs to duplicate the problem in his shop before he can begin to know what is wrong with it. Sometimes this involves being without the car for a few days. Obviously, throwing parts at the car on your dime is not the solution. Visit www.iatn.com to find a shop with knowledgable technicians in your area.


marlon 2/20/2011

hi i have the same problem with mi honda accord and my friend change something under the dash, like relay alittle bit longer and that took care of the problem


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