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Larry 4/9/2010

2002 Honda Accord SE 4 Cyl 2.3L


Engine decelerating too much when coming to a stop

After the engine warms up and I have been driving for a while, the engine RPM's slow down to the point to where the motor almost die's or does die, when I am slowing down or stopping. What is creating this problem, how can it be fixed and what will it cost?

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Bobby 4/9/2010

Well its tough to say exactly what is causing the problem, i would say there is a very good chance you are having an engine control problem, Possible a MAF or MAP sensor, temperature sensor, the throttle position sensor, or a crank, cam or knock sensor. Try having it scaned for trouble codes and see if anything pulls for the vehicle. Next I would ask if you have ever had an ignition tune up new spark plugs and wires?


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