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Renee 3/30/2020

2016 Honda CR-V LX 4 Cyl 2.40L


Engine damaged from no oil?

The vehicle is an HRV. Didn't have that option to choose from and not sure if it makes a difference.
Oil light came on while driving and I had to drive approximately 5 more mile before I was able to stop. The engine was making a clicking/knocking noise. Vehicle was towed to dealership the next day. Dealership stated oil plug came loose and I had lost all oil. (They changed my oil 20 days previous to this incident). Dealership fixed issue and stated they didn't see any damage but couldn't guarantee that the engine wasn't damaged.
Drove vehicle home and engine randomly makes clicking noises and is much louder than normal. There is also a burnt smell which might be the oil burning off the underside of the vehicle?
Does my vehicle have permanent damage? Do I have any recourse with the dealership? Any advice is welcomed and much appreciated.
Thank you to any who respond.

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Jimm 3/30/2020

Driving the vehicle for any distance with the engine operating, after the oil warning light comes on - is not a good idea.
The oil light comes on due to loss of oil pressure in the engine, and the details you have provided - in terms of the oil pan drain plug coming loose, and low oil level - it is likely to have damaged the engine bearings.

An engine overhaul, rebuild or replacement now seems like your only logical choices.
You can have the engine tested (compression test, and cylinder leakdown test), but with the sounds and condition you have described - leave little doubt the engine is damaged.

Obtain several detailed, written quotes for each of your three options;
1) rebuild (overhaul) your existing engine,
2) replace your engine with remanufactured,
3) replace your engine with a different, used engine

Shop according to warranty, and labor costs - with consideration for: overall vehicle condition, and how long you plan to keep and drive the vehicle.

Try these websites for comparison; www.rockauto.com,

The choices vary in cost with used engines ranging from $500-$800, to remamufactured engines around $3,500
This cost is for the engine only - not including labor for installation, or any needed parts; engine mounts, belts, hoses, water pump, gaskets, seals, etc.


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