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chuck 11/3/2011

2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Base 4 Cyl 6.0L


My engine cranks, but unless I give it gas it dies, any suggestions?

My car cranks but dies without applying the gas

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HouseCallAuto 11/3/2011

Yes, but the first thing you have to do (this generally only applies to Chrysler products) is to confirm that your battery is good and not degraded / old / overdue to be replaced. Then make sure that the battery terminals are as clean and bright as you can make them with wire brushes and terminal cleaner brushes, both inside the terminal and on the battery post. And you must even confirm that there is no corrosion where the copper wire meets the battery terminal. On Chrysler products, the idle speed control is easily affected by low voltage and can cause what you have detailed. I have run into exactly what you have said and solved it (surprisingly) by cleaning the battery terminals. If after the battery is confirmed good and the terminal connections have been made beautiful, the stalling is still happening, replace the idle air control in the throttle body. It is an easy replacement and is not an expensive part. It is a tossup which will take longer, cleaning the battery terminals or replacing the part.


hate chargers 11/3/2011

i have a 06 chargerhat stalls when cold or at stop lights then starts right back up replaced egr
sensor and pipe ran good 4 2 hrs then the same thing help me please

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