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ciroc 4/2/2012

1993 Lexus LS400 Base 8 Cyl 4.0L


engine will not crank sometimes

the ECM was changed with a used one old one was bad sluggish take off with old computer

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Ray 4/3/2012

Check battery and cables, but it sounds like a starter is goin bad


ciroc 4/3/2012

I think it is to but it has nothing to do with y it cranks and won't stay running. transmission not shifting and computer is reading tps sensor and intake manifold sensor but the old computer did not read these codes.

AutoMD Member

AutoMD Member 4/12/2012

Cranks and wont stay running could be a an issue with alot of things, First off that MAF could be so dirty that it is throwing off the a/f ratio causing the engine to lean or become so rich that the engine cannot continue to run. Another issue is the IAC valve could be malfunctioning, since it controlls the idle air intake into the engine, it could definately keep the engine from properly idling. Dirty spark plugs and or a dying coil pack can cause a bad idle too. One other thing is the engine imobilizer circuit; this is a long shot but if your key fob is broken off even a little bit from the key this will DEFINATELY cause a no start or hard start condition as I have seen this happen myself.


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