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Joseph H

Joseph H 11/29/2018

1991 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 6 Cyl 4.00L


Engine bogs down and doesn't shift gears unless I let up off the gas.

My 91 Jeep Cherokee Laredo performance is bad. When it's cold it won't go past 10 miles an hour when it's hot it won't go past 50 miles an hour it bogs down when I step on the gas and doesn't shift gears until I he's back up off the gas there's also a whistling or squeaking sound that happens when I'm going up a hill but not when I'm level or going downhill. any suggestions on what the problem is and how I should troubleshoot it?

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Jimm 11/30/2018

Several possibilities; engine vacuum leak (cracked / broken hose, or leaking gasket), worn spark plugs, worn spark plug wires, clogged air or fuel filters - just to list a few.

What exactly has been diagnosed or tested so far? With an unknown cause, the best approach is to start by checking the basics - vacuum, air intake leaks, ignition, and fuel delivery - before buying parts and throwing money at the problem.


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