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jsgraham12 6/20/2010
1980 Fiat 124 Spider 4 Cyl 2.0L - Engine
What would cause the engine to backfire through the carburetor on acceleration?
when pulling off from stop, engine backfires through the carburetor and stumbles on acceleration.
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  • Bender
    Bender 2/9/2011
    has it been pinging prior to this issue? Also does this motor still have points in the Distributor? There is a very likely possibility that you may have a Warped, bent, or burnt Valve. If timing is correct, and your have made a positive check of everything else. Then the only other solution is the fire is getting out of the hole. If you have a compression tester, I would run a compression check on all the holes and see if there is one that is low or is not holding compression. This will be your problem hole.
  • jlofwash
    jlofwash 2/21/2011
    also check your timing, you could be a few degrees off........................................jl
  • mopar
    mopar 6/25/2011
    stumble on accleration is usually a accelerator pump on carburator....hole in diaphragm.

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