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Frank 4/1/2011

2003 BMW M3 Base 6 Cyl 3.2L


EML light comes on after engine bucks,jerks usually while deaccelerating(sp). Some times it goes into safe mode after.

Codes say engine misfire and multiple cylinder shutdown. One shop replaced a valve causing loss of compression. Codes say throttle position sensor bad. Another shop wants to replace all throttle position sensors and throttle actuator. Symptoms occur more when driving in slow stop and go driving ( 15 to 30 mph ). Car runs great when pushing it more but can hear/ feel it missing when reving at a stand still.

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yboy82 10/10/2011

EML light indicates a problem in the drive by wire throttle control system. What are the exact stored troublecode? Did you already check your throttle control system and its wires/connections?


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