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physics-1 6/5/2011

1995 Mercury Grand Marquis LS 8 Cyl 4.6L

Body & Interior

Electrical system possessed.

The car seems possessed: horn toots, no lights work, cigar lighter no go. Most but not all problems can be linked to the LCM.
We had the LCM rebuilt. Nothing changed.
I bought the Electrical and Vacuum Troubleshooting Manual, FCM-12118-05. What I discovered is that there is no reliable voltage going to the small I/P fuse panel block depicted on the lower left of page 13-6 of the manual, fed by wire 38, which is BK/O (black with an orange stripe).
However, at the engine compartment fuse block, the Lamps fuse, 40A, which feeds wire 38 BK/O, does have 12V. I tore apart both the interior and engine compartment fuse blocks and the wires have integrity. According to page 13-6, between these two is a connector, C224 M & F. Looking at page 151-4, sector E10, C224 should be on the bottom of the connector bracket. In my particular car, however, it is not, instead, it is where C212 should be. But that's no big deal. What is a big deal is that there is no BK/O which travels through

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physics-1 6/5/2011

any of these connectors in that area of the car. (Yes, C224 has eight pins, and the other colors match the drawing on page 150-6.

So here are my questions-
1. Does my vehicle have a connector between the engine compartment wiring and the interior wiring for this wire? The answer is probably yes, because they always make the harnesses in several pieces....
2. Where is this connector? Is there a change order which mentions it?
3. How do I fix this? I'd rather not run another wire, but if I have to, I will.

Thanks! I really look forward to some help- I could have fixed this if the manual had been accurate.



HouseCallAuto 6/5/2011

1. Check fuses 4 (15 amp), 8 (15 amp), and the 20 amp circuit breaker at fuse holder 12 of the instrument panel fuse box to verify all are present, good, and all have power even with the key off.

2. If there is no power at any of these fuse holder positions, check the 40 amp LAMPS FUSE PANEL fuse of the engine compartment fuse box to verify it is not blown or missing and that it is making good contact to its holder and has power.

3. If the 40 amp fuse checks to be ok but there is no power to the instrument panel fuse box fuses, pull the engine compartment fuse box and inspect its bottom side for a corroded or lost connection of the Black/Orange (BK/O) wire which attaches to the fuse holder. Run a new circuit from the engine compartment fuse box off of this fuse holder to the instrument panel fuse box to bypass the open in the circuit as necessary.

4. If the instrument panel fuse box fuses show to be ok and all have power, check all power supply circuits at the LCM before condemning it as a faulty replacement part.

A. An Orange/White (O/W) wire feeds the LCM at pin 16 of the C2029 connector from the 20 amp circuit breaker. This is the headlight input feed.

B. A Light Green/Yellow (LG/Y) wire feeds the LCM at pin 11 of the C2029 connector from fuse 8. This is the courtesy lamp input feed.

C. A Tan/White (T/W) wire feeds the LCM at pin 6 of the C2029 connector from fuse 4. This is the parking light input feed.


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