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troopx618 4/5/2012

1993 BMW 318i Base 4 Cyl 1.8L


My electrical system seems to be extremely messed up.

when i step on the brakes, my left turn signal comes on very dim.
when i turn the headlights on, the window fuse pops.
when i turn my turn signals on, it makes the clicking sound until i step on the brake.
all my lights are messed up when it comes to braking or turning my lights on in general

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colin 4/5/2012

american model with them funny back lights no doubt ,unlike the europeon version where the back lights have seperate indicators ,if it has the europeon type back lights with seperate yellow indicators then go for the earth connections on the back lights ,make new ones if need be ,if this illegal funny american thing with stop lights as indicators then look at the stop light switch .This is a old car by any standards 19 yrs old and maybe even the plastic insulation on the pigs tails as you call them stateside is breaking down but i would look at the earth connections or ground to you .Now for english lessons ,color is spelt colour ,the hood is called a bonnet and trunk is called boot .more lessons to follow but i have to go back to work now -sorry


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