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trowe56 4/1/2010

1996 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme SL 6 Cyl 3.1L

Body & Interior

possible electrical issue?

Recently we have had an awful lot of rain in the New England area
for the month of March. The most recent being 3 continuous days
of relentless heavy wind swept rain.

Yesterday I went to use my car for the first initial time. I noticed almost
immediately after leaving my driveway all the interior light would not
go out. When I got to my destination and left the vehicle I noticed that
the lights would not go out. They eventually went out after roughly 10
mins. Then I noticed some very strange behavior thereafter, power
door locks all of a sudden locking while driving on the highway, power
door locks not engaging when shifter is put into gear, all interior lights
would go out except for the rear drivers side courtesy light, open the door
an no lights would come on.
This afternoon for grins I opened the door an the interior lights came on
and went out like normal. In fact everything worked normally today. My questions is.
Is this something to be concerned with going forwa

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Voltes V

Voltes V 8/30/2010

Hmmm....only reason i can think of is they dried out.


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