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Rait Juhanson

Rait ... 10/27/2022

2015 Chevrolet Suburban LT 8 Cyl 5.30L

Body & Interior

Electrical advice for change

I buyd 2015 suburban and i live in europe and here is neccesary to add amber turn signal lights, tail lights.
Can someone help me out how to split brake and turn signal? I know that escalade have amber turn signal. My car have up to tail light soket 6 wires, after till to the tail light goes 4 wire.can i get wiring diagram or is there some easy way to change it?
I can use 2 to 3 wire converter, but i have now idea what it do when i hit hazard lights?
Rait Juhanson

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Jimm 11/1/2022

if you are adding an amber light for signals and brake light, you can splice into the wiring at the tail lamp.

The ground for the assembly is black and the power for the brake or signal bulbs is brown.

If you want to confirm the brown wire you see is correct, use a test light to confirm power with both functions, brake lamp and signal.


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