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Al Macleod

Al Macleod 4/9/2012

2000 Mercedes Benz CL500 Base 8 Cyl 5.0L

Body & Interior

My electric windows work then sometimes they only go half way up and then stop, both driver and passenger,

the problem happens whenever, hot or cold, stopped or driving, once in a while, when l bought the car two months ago, the windows, no engine management light on, no warning lights

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colin 4/10/2012

i suspect that they need re-programming as the mechanism has a mini computer attached to it and they often miss a beat ,you have to hold the switch in the down position for about 5 seconds or so and it will then go down then hold it in the up position till it goes all the way up as they do lose their memory a bit sometimes and then end up with a inch of movement and stop ,lots of cars do it and iam always doing this to reset them .the cause is just touchingthe button for the auto mechanism to make the window go all the way up then stopping it halfway through .Right customer just pulled up must go


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