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william stagg

willia ... 9/4/2012

2001 Dodge Ram 2500 Base 8 Cyl 5.9L

Body & Interior

it seems that there is no electric going to the compressor,i have changed the high &the low presser switch .

I have also checked the fuse,the ac relay .i also stuck my test light in th low pressure switch wire and the compressor came on.could this mean that maby the ground wire has a broken circuit?What do you think i am doing wrong?

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frankiedonnn 3/12/2013

I have ram too and about a year ago the A/C stopped.So I shook all the ground wires that I could see and to my amazement the A/C started back up.But, the A/C was replaced two or three years earlier so I did'nt expect anything to be wrong with it. I felt that it had to be something simple. Good luck with it.


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