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RAYOVAC 1/27/2011

1990 Dodge W350 Base 8 Cyl 5.9L


egr valve keeps melting plastic valve.plastic valve attached to egr by two vacuum lines

I replaced egr and valve "seemed" ok in town for about two weeks of short driving. Drove on the freeway for about 50 miles and it burned up the plastic valve again. wondering if it is a plugged catalitic convert? have a factory replacement egr and valve but know something else is causing this valve to get exessively hot and melt. Any ideas? Thanks!!!

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Jerry 9/4/2012

I wonder why you ask about the cat being plugged? As far as I can remember I beleive the egr valvue plugs into the valve cover. You may want to follow the hoses you are plugging into go to the valve cover and probably to the manifold port. If you are plugging it into two hoses that may be your problem.


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