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ATV 9/26/2012

2000 GMC Safari SLT 6 Cyl 4.3L


Does an EGR valve control engine idle?Can a bad EGR valve cause rough idle?

2 Answers


RC 9/26/2012

If the EGR valve is stuck open, it can cause a rough idle.


egan.margaret 4/11/2013

If EGR Valve is not put in tight enough and is getting air from being to loose and hoped to see more to the answer that was shown, Sorry RC, but we just put a new one in our car and one we bought at auto zone that brand they sell would not even work in our car either it was a bad one or it's not made too good, We ended up going to Advanced and bought another and our car started right up. But not the need of our problem either our car is still bucking and we also just changed the fuel filter. its over 105555 miles so that's what are car says. How can you tell if the EGR valve is stuck open? Thanks Good Luck ATV in the same boat now code reads canister that has coal in it and some relay, needs to be replaced, an odd today check engine light went off. slip from having codes read is in the car right now. but if you finally fixed you can you tell me what your problem ended up being please?


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