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Spoon ... 9/8/2011

1993 Honda Civic EX 4 Cyl 1.60L

Preventive Maintenance

Did you know YOU can now EDIT EXISTING guides in AutoMD?!?!?!?

Good news guys!!! You can now edit the guides just incase you dont know it yet.
Here are some pointers:
For GENERIC guides, make sure there is no car in your GARAGE (Look at the upper left side of the screen to verify if you have a car selected). Because if there is a car in the page, the guide will just appear on that vehicle.
For VEHICLE SPECIFIC guides, make sure the car in your garage is reflected on the upper left hand side of the screen.
Ex. You have a guide for a Honda CIVIC but the vehicle in your garage is a Toyota, it will appear on the Toyota page. :(
I will be following this thread for questions or whatever.
Happy editing!!! I am hoping they will add "ADD a Guide" soon :)

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