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mspark1974 4/1/2016

2006 BMW 330i Base 6 Cyl 3.00L


can an eccentric sensor (repl 7 mos ago) prohibit my car from starting

I had my eccentric sensor and valve gasket cover replaced 7 months ago. My car's been running great since then. My mechanic told me to bring my car back to the dealership and have the service light and codes cleared which I did last week. I also opted to have some preventive maintenance done which included replacing some belts, etc.. After I pick up the car, the check engine light came on the very next day so the dealership told me to bring the car back. I didn't get a call for a few days so I sent an email message and then got a response saying that the mechanics suspect that something is wrong with either a bolt located where the sensor is or there I have a faulty sensor and it's going to cost me $1,300 just for them to test it and also now my car won't start at all. I'm finding it hard to believe that after 7 months of running great all the sudden I have a faulty sensor and my car won't start. Can the sensor prohibits my car from starting?

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