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Delfuego 10/1/2019

2008 BMW 328i Base 6 Cyl 3.00L


E-box fan, activation CODE. Help!

Please help!! Went to narnia to replace the stupid ecu fan, no joy. There are 2 cables one is red/ white the other is brown/orange. The red/white goes to the fuse box the brown/orange goes to the ecu itself. The cables have continuity. The fuse the red/white goes to is good. No power at the harness. Hooked both fans (old and replacement) to 12v dc source both spin and blow perfectly. Cannkt figure what is going on. It is not getting power at the harness but fuse is good and cables are good. Could it be the ECU? Only other issue is 02 sensor heater after cat bank2. All 4 02 sensors were just replaced before code popped. All of this is Driving me nuts.

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Jimm 10/1/2019

Run a jumper wire / splice a wire from the engine control module (ECM) to the electric fan connector, to bypass the harness.

Next, test for continuity / resistance for the wires to and from the harness. If you have already operated the cooling fans on 12VDC supply, then focus on the fan wiring harness itself.


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