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Mazdaguy 10/17/2012

2006 Mazda 3 S 4 Cyl 2.30L


Earlier this year my cars engine light went on and stayed on (a steady signal).

Instead of taking it in I decided to put a 94 octane fuel in the car instead of the usaul 87 octane I have been putting in. Then the engine light went out. Two months ago the same thing happened, but this time the battery light also went on and the car wouldn't start for about ten minutes. Once on the road again I put the 94 octane in and it seemed to work. The same thing also happened this past week, and although I got the car running it would die on me constantly (with steady lights coming on) until I put the 94 octane in. Now it runs fine. Should I buy an ethanol fuel additive bottle to help clean away deposits in the engine to keep this from happening again? Or do you think this is an 02 sensor or catalytic converter problem. I would rather not spend the $100 getting it diagnosed, but if I have to I was thinking of purchasing one the engine diagnostic devices that are sold for about $200. I have not come across any places that do free engine light diagnoses (I live near Vancouver).

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clayton 10/17/2012

try using additives to the gas but best way to buy a obdII scanner for ur car is to order on line just get a pocket tester a whole lot cheaper than the big 1s that way u will know what ur codes mean and u can erase them


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