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hAudini 4/2/2018

2012 Audi A4 Base 4 Cyl 2.00L


Ea888 piston ring revisions

I know there are several revisions for ea888 engine in audi a4. All the guys in forums are saying that models between year 07-12 have oil consumption problems due to weak oil/piston rings and only after 2012 they modified them to better ones, which resolved the problem.
Now i cant find any specific information whether its true, because all i can find are assumptions that models from 2012 have good piston/oil rings, but i DID find a bulletin from "audiusa" saying that specific engines (not all) from 2008.06 were equipped with modified piston rings from the factory.
Looks like autoMD has all the bulletins, and because i dont have access, would like to know what or if revisions were made to the piston rings in 2011/2012 ea888 engines and is it true audi fitted modified (good piston rings in 2008) which resolved oil consumption problem?

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Jimm 4/2/2018

I'd recommend for you to contact Audi directly for this information. If you provide your vehicle VIN and build date, they should be able to give you the piston ring details.


hAudini 4/2/2018

Yeah. Found out thats probably the only way. We'll se what they say :)

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