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MBvictim 5/10/2010

1998 Mercedes Benz E300 Base 6 Cyl 3.00L


E300TDiesel shudders on deceleration @ about 1000RPM when engine warm,accelerates OK

I had the injector pump repaired by a reputable shop just a few months ago,which fixed idling problem, but engine still shudders at about 1000RPM on deceleration only and only when hot. Drivers' side motor mount was replaced too,no difference. I will appreciate any info or suggestion by anyone that knows something about diesels or has had similar problem. Running out of ideas...and cash too.
Thanks a lot

1 Answer

minuteman mobile mechanics

re bleed the fuel inj's wont cost anything and will prob stop the prob. if it does and the prob comes back then look for inj leak, if not pull the inj's and have them pressure tested


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