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lhallny 4/25/2012

1999 Dodge Durango Base 8 Cyl 5.20L


why does my durango not start when I go to start it in the morning?

no work has been done on it, when I get home from work or while I am at work(8 hrs) I go to turn it on and it won't start or turn over. I also get a clicking noise which comes from the glove box. I usually unplug the cable from the negative post and plug back in, in order to start it

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jdl 4/25/2012

Make sure the battery has a full charge and battery connections all clean and tight. If the starter motor won't crank, did you try cranking it from the starter relay, underhood fuse box. Don't take the negative battery cable loose. Any testing make sure the tranny is in park or neutral and the e-brake is set. With key in on position, use jumper wire between terminals 30 and 87 in the diagram. Does it crank, will it start? Any applicable trouble codes? Can you look and see where the clicking noise is coming from?



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