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clueless girl
cluele ... 6/29/2012
1999 Honda Civic LX 4 Cyl 1.6L - Engine
Dumb question from dumb girl trying to learn please help!
I need to check for a spark in the ignition coil. The how-to guide mentions a spark tester... is this a specific tool I need to go buy or is there a makeshift way to do it??
3 Answers
  • Mike
    Mike 6/29/2012
    You can make one (using a good spark plug), use a screw driver, or buy one from a local auto parts store.
  • jlofwash
    jlofwash 7/4/2012
    They are only a few bucks, well worth the price, and easy to use
  • keith
    keith 10/12/2012
    pull one spark out with a socket plug the spark plug wire back into it then hold it firmly (tip touching)to the engine metal have an assistant turn the key to the start possition you will see and possibly feel the spark if there is one
    Bill 10/12/2012
    Please do it away from the battery or any fuel.

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